Chloe Martin

A shy, sweet-tempered orphan born to sing the blues


Age: 21
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Red
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 116 lbs.

Occupation: Lounge Singer (Blues, Swing, Jazz)

Personality: Shy, retiring, kind-hearted


Chloe Martin seemed born to sing the blues.

Her impoverished, struggling mother was murdered (under very mysterious circumstances) when Chloe was eleven, leaving her without any family or friends to speak of. Her father had abandoned his young wife and daughter years before without a word. Chloe wound up drifting about the city from foster home to foster home, tragically left to her own devices by a negligent system and an apathetic universe until she turned eighteen. A timid girl by nature, Chloe tried to muster up the courage to decide to solve the case of her mother’s murder, but she’s never gotten very far on that score. In fact, you could say her search dead-ended at the lounge where she works as a singer to this day. Her mother’s body was found stuffed in a dumpster behind the bar and the amateur investigator was discovered, in quite a different sense, by Max McConnell, an irritable manager who was more interested in finding a replacement for his drunken chanteuse than in answering Chloe’s questions about some stale homicide.

Despite failing to make any headway on the murder case, Chloe enjoyed her work. Singing was simple, safe, and for three years she accrued some casual friends, mostly the players in the lounge’s band, and lots of sincere compliments from patrons, music critiques, and even some potential employers who tried to seduce her away from the dive bar. Her voice, she was told over and over again, was enchanting. Some suspicious man even insisted it possessed supernatural powers. But that’s just silly, right?

Thinks were looking up. Until, that is, Chloe met Felicia. Felicia, or as the sensual siren preferred, Felix Lark, burst into Chloe’s life and the lounge singing scene simultaneously. Her arrival in the city hearkened success that threatened to eclipse Chloe’s dominance of the dive-bar biz. This infuriated Max, but intrigued the good-natured Chloe. On one of her rare nights off, she braved the dark, dirty streets to see Felix Lark perform.

Felix was everything Chloe wasn’t—brave, smart, confident, sexy—and Chloe fell in love almost instantly. Felix didn’t disappear into backstage obscurity after her shows, either. She’d stride down into the bar and start having brisk, business-like conversations with the scary-looking patrons of the sort that always intimidated Chloe. Chloe attended Felix’s shows religiously, diligently trying to work up the courage to talk to the woman she adored from afar. Well, from down the street, anyway. A couple blocks over. A few weeks into her anxiety-inducing bliss, she was startled when Felix appeared at one of her own shows. And Felix certainly didn’t lack the courage to speak to her afterwards. They started seeing one another regularly, and Chloe was certainly astonished, but immensely grateful to her lucky stars, when Felix fell in love with her, too.

That made Felix’s murder really hard to take.

Now, nursing a broken heart, Chloe is absolutely, unquestionably, invariably determined to hunt down Felix’s killers and bring them to justice. She’ll tear apart the seedy, supernatural underbelly of this city, hunt for clues, and ally herself with whoever (or whatever) is necessary. This time, the criminals won’t get away. She’s a better person than she used to be, after all. She’s stronger. Harder. More capable. (And it certainly doesn’t hurt that Felix’s ghost is giving her occasional tips from the beyond.)

Chloe Martin

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