Nanaiya (Nan) Dawes

Owner of Bric a Brac shop. Native American woman


1. Description Stuff
a. Name – Nanaiya, Nan for short. Nanaiya means Acts for Peace. She is a member of the Choctaw tribe of Louisiana
b. Age: 55
c. Eye Color – dark brown, Hair color – black with tinges of gray
d. Gender – Female, Weight – 200, Height – 5’5.
e. Tattoos – White dove with olive branch tattoo on her upper right arm.
2. History/Goals

a. Nan was born in Louisiana. Her father worked on the offshore oil rigs and was an alcoholic. He died on the rig during an industrial accident. The settlement was enough to live (in addition to her mom working) and provided the seed money for Nan’ s business. Her mother named her Nanaiya b/c she hoped the baby would bring peace between her and her husband. She was wrong. Eventually, he just stopped coming home and abandoned the family. Nan has heard and suspects that she has a passel of half brothers and sisters running around from her father’s misadventures. But she has never done the research or looked into it much b/c it is too painful. She has no full brothers or sisters. It has always just been her and her mom against the world. Her mom raised her to appreciate and embrace her Choctaw heritage. Other than her Mom, whose name is Ohoya (wise woman), Nan’s main mentor was the tribe’s medicine man, known in other cultures. His name was Imafo because he was seen as everyone’s grandfather. Obviously, modern life has dulled and appropriated a great deal of all Native American cultures. Most have lost their obsession with keeping it alive, desperately believing it is a lost cause. Imafo was a realist but still saw it as important to teach Nan and others who were willing about the old ways. Nan learned their old ways and old religion. Additionally, Nan was part of a wicca crowd in high school. Together, they explored the mysteries of the Great Earth Mother and paranormal activity. All of this combined makes Nan a very calm, serene, and spiritual person. After her father died, Nan felt the need to go on a vision quest. In her vision, she saw the sun set on Louisiana and rise in Royal Bay Her spirit animal, a dove, flew with the sun and flew into an unmarked store in AL. Then flashes of all manner of paranormal and odd trinkets filled the vision. She awoke with a new mission that she then fulfilled. She moved to AL and opened her business. Her mom moved with her and although they didn’t live together at first, they do now that Ohoya’s old age requires her to need more care. Nan has had many lovers (male and female) but has never married and doesn’t believe in monogamy or any other silly social constructs around love. She has never had the desire to have children and hasn’t. Although she does struggle with leaving no legacy and not continuing the tribe. The store is called Bric-a-Brac, which is French for odds and ends (more Louisiana influence). Her Mom helps her in the store as much as her health allows. Mostly with money tracking.

Nanaiya (Nan) Dawes

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