Darkness at Bay

Progress Report
Building a World

Five sessions in and I can tell everyone is starting to get a better grasp of their characters. When we first started, questions were everywhere, and every answer only seemed to spawn more. Things have looked up, though, and with a confirmed kill of a confirmed supernatural being under the party’s belt, the confusion has subsided slightly. We’re far from being out of the woods, of course—a party looms and with it a glimpse at the society of the night that feeds on humanity.

Welcome to the home of our future campaign!
An introduction to our future headquarters

Get Hype!

Though we have quite a few episodes left in our super heroic lives, my obsessions with world creation demand new outlets. While we continue supers, this page will grow with setting and character info.

To Do List:

1. Setting Info (city history, districts&sub-districts, and sites)
2. PC templates (so y’all can post your character info)
3. Relevant NPCs (PC friends/family/coworkers/antagonists)


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