You’re not the only group of people (or near-people) working towards a common goal. Here you can find information about groups and individuals discovered in-game.

Note: This page only updates to reflect IC knowledge.

The Player-Characters

Since you guys are special and dear to my heart, your personal groups can be listed here under this heading.

Bric-a-Brac, a small shop of oddities and curios (Nanaiya)

Darkness at Bay, a Royal Bay, AL private investigation company (Chloe Martin)

Glass Star, a local prog metal band (Gavin Rhodes)

Mobile Solutions , a small Civil Engineering company (Gavin T. Rhodes)

The Royal Bay Medical Examiner, Satellite Office, a satellite morgue specializing in autopsies of victims of crime (Cora Cooper)

More to be added…


Darkness at Bay gtdozier3