This page provides a collection of templates to use when making new NPCs, places, objects, and so forth.


Major NPCs have important, defining roles within the context of a particular Chapter, Story, or Chronicle. Minor NPCs play supporting roles, but are capable of being ‘promoted’ to Major NPC at any time. Additionally, some Major NPCs may be listed as Minor, with their full information hidden below in a secret section. Nobody ever said the Storyteller had to tell the truth!

Background NPCs are just that—setting fixtures which get a little flavor to enhance a scene. Just like Minor NPCs, though, they have full potential to ascend to Major NPC status.


Objects covers a wide range of subjects, but to simplify things, we have a few categories into which they can be placed. Clues are just that, things found on the crime scene that might be important to solving a mystery. Relics are items of occult import, whether they be actual tools a saint might have interacted with, scrolls detailing the nature of a monster, or an odd sigil taken from a cult member. Finally, there are Possessions, equipment or items—mundane or otherwise—that your character considers important to her/him.

Needless to say, there is some overlap amongst the three categories, in which case the item’s wiki page can be expanded to include information from all relevant classifications.


I’ll be the first to admit—I’ve never designed a city from the ground up before. Fortunately, for those things I forget, they can be created! The largest places that could be made probably won’t need to come up very often (Given how rarely other Cities should need to be visited, and how rarely new Districts spring up). Regardless, a template is provided for these, should a new City need/want to exist for background or new hook purposes.

While Districts are large, general categories for sections of a city, a Sub-District might be a sub-area of a Domain that is of both significant size and difference. For example, the High Art Circuit might be considered a Sub-Domain of the Art District.

Sites are specific buildings, locations, or landmarks within a District or Sub-District. The Royal Bay Museum of Art is an example of a Site.

Player Characters

Last but not least, a little something for you guys! You can use the following template to make character pages for yourselves (using the Characters page on the left-hand menu).


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