Gavin T. Rhodes

SysAdmin by day, guitarist for Glass Star by night


Gavin is a 32 year old who has brown hair and brown eyes. He’s a scrawny guy, weighing in at 155 lbs at 5’10". The first thing people tend to notice are his heavily tattooed arms. At closer look there are more tattoos on his chest that poke up beyond his t-shirt collars. The second most notable feature to him is the almost constant bags under his eyes.

Gavin is a very laid back and friendly person. He appreciates the small things in life, not really worried about the big picture. He likes his simple life, focusing on his music and family. Gavin generally gives people the benefit of a doubt in regards to taking things personally. He avoids confrontation and would rather solve things with words rather than fists. Gavin doesn’t tend to get nervous about things.


To be discovered…

Gavin T. Rhodes

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