Macellaio Manor Ground Floor (Site)

Ground Floor

The first floor of the imposing manor home of the Macellaio family. An expensive series of paintings from centuries past line the cream walls, each one framed in an equally pricey dark wood frame.


The vestibule just inside past the columned veranda is a grand statement of wealth. A magnificent carpet of deep red and gold sits over an expansive dark wood floor. The furniture and fixtures here match the walls and floor—cream and dark, nearly blacks. Two armoires flank the exit outside, a proper place for one’s coat, with the doors to the study (west) and dining room (east) just past the two closets on either wall. Beyond sit small white and dark brown wood tables and slender-framed couch, just before the walls turn east and west into short galleries leading to other rooms.

Straight ahead to the north, however, the room opens up into a cylindrical, high-ceilinged stairwell, with twin elegant white staircases leading both up and down. The stairs themselves are dark wood with a centered carpeting matching the rug on the ground floor. Flanked by the stairs is a sparkling chandelier that hangs gracefully between, glimmering with lights that bounce off and illuminate the many inset gems on the fixture. There’s a closed door exit to the west, and a set of double doors to the north that open into an incredible ball room.

Two stories tall with a balcony on the second floor overlooking the bottom from the south, the ball room is an impressive room—dark floors with a mostly white wall and ceiling that arches into a rounded curve. Two chandeliers hang from the ceiling, each one the little brother to the one hanging in the stairwell outside. A small stage sits beside the fireplace on the eastern wall, while a series of tables and chairs have been set up along the western wall. The northern most table is much larger than the rest, capable of sitting six on each of the two long sides. The center of the room is kept clear for dancing, of course.

Just outside the ballroom to the north is a half-circle patio that overlooks the gardens. With the glass doors leading outside closed, one can hardly hear outside, and thanks to the setup of the sound system, very little of the band outside bleeds in. The center area of the gardens is a cobblestone lined collection of paths heading east and west, surrounded by flowers and bushes leading into small groves and nooks sectioned off by tall hedges. Further to the north past this hub is a small, outdoor amphitheater—a gray stone stage furthest north surrounded by a semi-circle of smooth stone benches on a gentle hill. Where all the garden paths meet, small booths and tables have been set up with refreshments and attended by black-clad “demon” servants.

Associated People

Elena and Luciano Macellaio – Owners of this estate

Case Notes

Macellaio Manor Ground Floor (Site)

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