Macellaio Party Guest List (Clue)

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Macellaio Party Guest List

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List of ‘people’ the group has seen at this party


Macellaio Manor


Having the party staff segregated by costume color and theme serves to be very helpful for you all, allowing the guests to be highlighted and studied more carefully.

Judging from some of the artwork on the walls and their welcoming, outgoing nature, Elena and Luciano Macellaio are pretty easy to pick out. Each is a particularly massive individual—close to if not seven feet in height and nearing 800 pounds—dressed and made up to exceptional standards. Each has their hair and makeup on point. Luciano is dressed as Bacchus, a tremendous purple toga belted with gold about his waist, head topped with a circlet of jade made to look like ivy. Elena is his maenad, replete with a jade circlet of her own and what can only be thousands and thousands worth of fox furs. Their faces are partially obscured by small Venetian masks: purple and gold filigree for Luciano, fox-fur for Elena.

The rest of the guests mingle and chat, and so they are listed as follows in no particular order, save where mentioned.

A mid-forties year old blonde woman in a silver-threaded mermaid dress of robin’s egg blue. Her mask is not only a small one matching the colors of her dress, but attached to a thin crystal rod as opposed to her face. Her frequent laughter and hand motions carry the mask away from her face from time to time. Her escort is an especially attractive younger man in a crisp, fitted silver Armani suit. A few accessories in robin’s egg blue confirm his association with the woman in blue, in addition to his close company with her. His mask is a fitted silver half-mask covering around his eyes and cheeks.

One of the most eye-catching costumes is the young, black woman dressed in a shimmering metallic catsuit. It appears that the threads making up the outfit are colored LEDs, for every so often its color will change or brightness twinkle, flare, or dim. Her hair is a dark, neat afro of tight curls, and the mask she wears is a silicon volto with LED lips and eyes.

A tall man of imposing stature stands off to the side with his date, a striking Indian woman. He’s attired simply in a lavender suit—tailored and expensive, different but not immediately flashy, with a domino mask to match. His date, however, shimmers with a small fortune in jewelry and a lavender dress she has to be sewn into. Her mask is a domino as well.

Another trio converses amongst themselves, a tired looking man in a pair of dark green sirwal (so-called “punjabi pants”) and a dark green and gold open vest. The fez on top completes the sort-of-Aladdin look, and he wears a domino mask as well. The other man with them wears no mask at all, standing tall and wary as he half pays attention to the group, half scans the crowd coldly. He wears an ill-fitting stone grey tuxedo, too small in the shoulders, and a partially unbuttoned dress shirt. The last member of their group, a striking young Indian woman, wears a gauzy emerald harem dancer’s costume and a columbina mask to match.

Standing tall and stately, a strong-jawed man is being led by a black-clad servant. The dignified gentleman wears what a King might have one hundred years ago—an ermine cloak in red and gold, a stately red surcoat with gold and silver medals and accessories, white trousers and tall black boots. His mask is in red and gold, and covers the upper half of his face.

Walking arm in arm, a handsome young man with a short beard laughs at something his elegant date has whispered. He’s interpreted the costume requirement liberally, wearing a toga of deerskin and a camouflage pattern of dirt and dark paint, with bands of leaves worn here and there. His mask is a streak of dark paint over his eyes, and he has a crown of leaves over his brow, obscuring whatever is holding up that pair of stag antlers he’s got on. His date couldn’t be more different. Her dress is made of unimaginably fine silver chains and diamonds over a clingy shift. She herself looks flawlessly pretty at first glance, but there’s something horribly off-putting about the flawlessness of her skin and the fineness of her features. It’s distractingly deep in the uncanny valley. At first it looks like she’s wearing a made-up full face mask with silver trim around the eyes, but then it moves and one is reminded of an animate manikin. Only the silver filigree jewelry around her eyes is fake.

Finally, the last guest here listed clearly didn’t plan far ahead for this. He’s got a pair of grease-stained, dark jeans, a ripped white tank top and leather jacket, and a blood-stained hockey mask that his wild brown hair falls out around. Here and there a few beard hairs poke through the holes, when he’s even wearing the damn thing.

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Macellaio Party Guest List (Clue)

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