Masquerade Party Invitation (object)

Name of Clue
Masquerade Party Invitation

Type of Clue
Physical artifact, letter

Weston’s Apartment

The contents of the envelope are an ornate invitation in a tasteful cream, brown, and turquoise motif.

Notes and Data
The invitation reads as follows:

“With great pleasure we request the honor of your presence at the masquerade celebration of the new year”

“Elena Macellaio and Luciano Macellaio invite you on Saturday the Eighteenth of January, two thousand and three, at ten o’clock in the evening”

“The Macellaio Estate, 17 Nobility Hill, Royal Bay, Alabama”

“Please observe our dress code: white is reserved for entertainers, black is reserved for servants. Come colorful!”

“Please be advised the invitation is required for entry. +1 allowed”

Masquerade Party Invitation (object)

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