Medical Examiner's Office Security Footage (object)

Name of Clue
Security Camera Footage

Type of Clue
Recorded media, technology

Royal Bay Medical Examiner’s Office, Satellite

The footage was brought in on tape media, part of a rotating set at the Medical Examiner’s Office.

Notes and Data
The tapes contained the following footage:

Luckily the security cam footage is held on a separate hard drive than the one immediately accessible from the lab computer. The outside camera has clearly captured a gray Ford van pulling up outside the loading bay, a piece of cardboard taped up over the license plate and obscuring its tag. Three men exit the van, one from the driver’s seat (a tall, very heavy set man whose mask puffs out at the bottom at his chin and jawline) and two from the back (one a tall, athletic male; the other a shorter, well-muscled man). All three, of course, wear masks and gloves, and each is wearing dark, nondescript clothes covering their arms and legs. As they exit, the heavy-set driver reaches up to the security camera and covers the lens with a blast of black spray paint. Before visuals are lost, the camera catches a glimpse at his arm where his sweatshirt sleeve pulls up—on the underside of his forearm is a tattoo of a skull wearing laurels eating a bone, all on a black oval field.

Inside the cameras catch the group moving through the halls, rapidly seeking out some unknown destination—the hall cameras are also hit with the spray paint before their destination can be completely determined.

Medical Examiner's Office Security Footage (object)

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