Weston Text Conversations (object)

Name of Clue
Harry Weston Text Message Conversations

Type of Clue
Recorded media, technology

Weston’s Apartment

The phone picked up inside the apartment had a couple of conversations in its text message history: two unknown persons and two to Weston’s accomplices in the Medical Examiner heist: 99 and Flynn

Notes and Data
The conversations can be summed up as follows:

  • “99”: Weston asks how the other two accomplices are, requests assistance moving cargo and is denied
  • “Jarhed”: requests assistance moving cargo and is ignored
  • 251-404-8245: Weston informs unknown recipient that four bodies were stolen, much to his conversation partner’s surprise
  • 251-404-5579: Weston is prompted for a status update, which he does not give. His conversation partner prompts him again to update him/her when possible

Weston Text Conversations (object)

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