Art (Sub-District)

Downtown Art District

A winding roads section of town where classical art meets new Bohemia.


The Royal Bay Art District is a glorious mish-mash of old and new schools of art appreciation. On the whole the area is a maze of winding roads, old buildings, and very difficult parking. One part of the amalgam, though, is refined, well cared for galleries, music studios, and classical workshops—the streets are clean, the sidewalks swept, and the cafes expensive. The other component to the mixture, however, is the Bohemian, a wild area of buildings furnished with street performers, galleries spilling out onto the street, and a flamboyantly artsy community.

General Modifiers

Mental Skills

  • Academics rolls gain a +1 bonus when related to Art, and the 9-again quality when related to the sub-set of Art specific to the section of town (Classical or Modern)
  • Crafts rolls benefit from readily available materials of all sorts, and so gain a +1 bonus

Physical Skills

  • Drive checks suffer from the thin, winding nature of the roads (as well as the numerous pedestrians all around). -2 penalty.

Social Skills

  • Expression, naturally, enjoys a +3 bonus when in the appropriate venue (i.e. not the streets in the more uptight sections)
  • Socialize checks gain a +2 bonus in the more formal areas of the district.
  • Streetwise checks gain a +2 bonus in the more Bohemian areas of the district.


  • Royal Bay Civic Center – a massive building containing an arena, theater, and exposition hall
  • Royal Bay Museum of Art – an extensive collection spanning centuries
  • Saenger Theatre – performing arts and a small concert venue
  • Space 301 – a contemporary art gallery

Art (Sub-District)

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