Bolingbroke (Sub-District)


A semi-rural suburb of Royal Bay with big yards and bigger houses.


Bolingbroke is where you want to go if you want to live out in the country without missing any of the amenities of a city. Internet connectivity is constant and speedy, electricity and water are omnipresent utilities, and there’s nary an outhouse to be seen. And yet still it seems every house sits on at least an acre of land and the smallest house can fit at least six people comfortably. The dominant architectural style for houses is plantation or farmhouse style homes, and it’s not unusual to see horses roaming the grandly fenced-in yards. Suffice to say, Bolingbroke does well for itself.

General Modifiers

Mental Skills

  • Politics rolls benefit from a populace that trends towards awareness and participation in local politics, gaining +1 to rolls involving local politics.

Physical Skills

  • Stealth rolls during the day suffer a -2 penalty thanks to the wide open spaces creating few hiding spots. Nighttime Stealth checks gain a +2 bonus, however, as city ordinances keep artificial lighting to a minimum in residential zones, to reduce ‘light pollution’
  • Survival checks made in Bolingbroke benefit from the plentiful land and construction thereupon, gaining +1 to such rolls.

Social Skills

  • Streetwise rolls suffer a -3 penalty here, as the police are rigorous in quashing the criminal element whenever it springs up.


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Bolingbroke (Sub-District)

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