Castaneda Greens (Sub-District)

Castaneda Greens

The largest park in Royal Bay city-limits.


Open to the public in 1987, Castaneda Greens is a privately maintained park located in central Royal Bay, bordering the historic gated community, Nobility Hill. A true urban oasis, Castaneda features tree-lined pathways, elaborate fountains, man-made lakes and waterways, statues, stages, and numerous other attractions.

General Modifiers

Mental Skills

  • No modifiers

Physical Skills

  • During the day, Perception checks gain a +3 modifier and Stealth checks gain a -3 penalty, thanks to the entire park being open to the sunlight. During the evening these modifiers are reversed; the night sky does little to illuminate the park, and illumination within its grounds are both weak and sparse.
  • Survival checks made in the park are at a -1 penalty; few plants of substance grow here.

Social Skills

  • No modifiers


Castaneda Greens (Sub-District)

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