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City Hall

A tall, dark brick building that is the heart of the Government District.


Royal Bay City Hall is a dark gray brick structure that stretches four stories tall, with additional subterranean floors. While the building itself is a modern one, rebuilt in the mid-90’s, the area surrounding it is rich in history, including the cobblestone road and path that winds their way through the grounds. When the building was redone in 1995, the grounds were decorated with a ‘parade’ of crape myrtles and floral arrangements from landscape artist Leila Waddell.


In 1995, the previous city hall building suffered extensive damages during Hurricane Opal, necessitating a rebuild that year. Since 1984 the city government has consisted of a mayor and a seven member city council, elected from each of the seven city council districts.

Associated People


  • Sam Johns

City Council

  • District 1: Fredrick Richardson, Jr.
  • District 2: Levon Manzie
  • District 3: C.J. Small
  • District 4: John C. Williams
  • District 5: Joel Davies
  • District 6: Bess Rich
  • District 7: Gina Gregory

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City Hall (Site)

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