Downtown (District)

Downtown District

Royal Bay’s downtown area is a sprawling expanse of old and new. A truly beating heart of activity, business, and entertainment, if you can’t find it here, odds are you can’t find it anywhere in town.


Easily one of the densest regions of Royal Bay, the Downtown District is one of the largest as well, if not the largest. The streets are swollen with traffic, stressing the one-to-two lane roads the crisscross through the area. Buildings are not expansive here, climbing up rather than out, and the sidewalks are verdant gardens of outdoor cafes, food trucks, and faded club posters and graffiti. Sure, some sections are cleaner or dirtier than others, but one thing defines the Downtown areas as one: activity, and lots of it.

General Modifiers

Mental Skills

  • Computer checks to find information on the internet gain a +1 bonus here, on account of the numerous cafes, stores, and other venues offering free Wi-Fi.

Physical Skills

  • Drive checks suffer a -1 penalty here, on account of the heavy flow of traffic and strained infrastructure.
  • Larceny checks gain a +1 bonus here to pick pockets. Crowds are thick and make for plentiful marks, but the danger is a well known one, limiting the effectiveness of the bonus somewhat.

Social Skills

  • Animal Ken checks suffer a -3 penalty here. The sights, sounds, and smells of the area tend to overwhelm animals, making it very difficult for them to focus on commands and training.
  • Empathy and Expression checks suffer a -3 penalty here. Unless people are in a situation they want to interact with others in (bars, for instance), they tend to ignore solicitors, beggars, and other strangers that approach them on the streets.
  • Streetwise checks gain a +1 bonus here. Contacts for many illicit services and merchandise call this district home.

Sites and Sub-Districts

  • Art District – a mishmash of bohemian splendor and refined sensibilities
  • Felkin Circle – an historic neighborhood located in the Old Downtown area
  • Financial District – towering skyscrapers and all manner of business
  • Nightlife District – a nocturnal area that caterers to all sorts of entertainment
  • Nobility Hill – a lush, green neighborhood home to Castaneda Greens, largest park in the city

Downtown (District)

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