Felkin Circle (Sub-District)

Felkin Circle

A historic neighborhood located in the Old Downtown area that offers guided tours once weekly.


Felkin Circle might as well be called Felkin Maze; the winding streets conform to no modern philosophies on neighborhood layouts or city development, instead drawing directly on their historic nature. Things in Felkin Circle are not just old-looking—they are themselves old, preserved relics from different periods in Royal Bay’s history. French and Spanish colonial architecture dominates here, with numerous gardens and low hanging trees forming back up.

General Modifiers

Mental Skills

  • If you can find someone to talk to (generally pretty easy), Academics rolls related to Royal Bay history or classical art gets a +2 bonus.

Physical Skills

  • Stealth checks gain a +2 bonus here at night, as streetlamps are both not plentiful and often blocked by foliage of some sort.
  • Survival checks made here to find food gain a +1 bonus, as many trees and gardens are the fruit or vegetable bearing sort.

Social Skills

  • Animal Ken checks gain a +1 bonus here, thanks to its seeming seclusion from the hustle and bustle of the city.
  • Expression checks gain a +1 bonus here thanks to much of the populace considering themselves patrons of the arts and definite appreciators.
  • Crime is low here, so Streetwise checks suffer a -3 penalty.


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Felkin Circle (Sub-District)

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