Financial Area (Sub-District)

Financial Area

The economic heart of the city, with spires of dizzying heights and blinding light.


The first word people tend to describe the Financial District as is bright. With all the windows in the area, sunlight is constantly reflected in every direction. The second word people tend to use is tall; easy to understand, what with all the skyscrapers around. Though plenty of office buildings and corporate headquarters abound, you have a slice of almost everything here: hotdog carts, taxis, upscale hotels, and even tiny parks, a breakup of the glut of stone, steel, and glass.

General Modifiers

Mental Skills

  • No Modifiers

Physical Skills

  • Drive checks suffer the full -5 penalty here, as well as losing their 10-again quality. Too many pedestrians, too much traffic, and the omnipresent kamikazi taxi threat make driving way too hectic here.
  • Stealth checks suffer a -5 penalty during the day, thanks to the incredibly bright nature of the area. Stealth checks to hide in the crowds, however, gain a +3 bonus instead.

Social Skills

  • Expression, Persuasion, and Socialize skills suffer a -3 penalty here. The crowd keeps its collective head down, shuttling from one block to the next with minimal interaction.
  • Intimidation checks gain a +3 bonus, however, as the herd just wants to escape and live another day, metaphorically speaking


Financial Area (Sub-District)

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