Framingham (Sub-District)


A close-knit, warm community nestled within the woods and riverlands east of Royal Bay


Where Bolingbroke is wide and open and Raleigh is densely suburban, Framingham toes the middle between the two. It’s not exactly dense; the houses all have yards, but the neighborhoods are wound about each other in almost incomprehensible tangles, like a mess of vines. Especially verdant, trees and canopies are always present, making for some comfortably shady houses and a city center in tune with the nature around it. The dominant architectural style changes a little from neighborhood to neighborhood, but they tend towards an architectural heritage drawn from European styles with dark woods and light paint.

General Modifiers

Mental Skills

  • Wireless and radio signals can have a tough time making it through the dense foliage in some parts of Framingham, suffering a penalty ranging anywhere from -1 to -3 to Computer use rolls outside.
  • Much of the community is at least involved with local politics, and some even take part. Rolls involving local politicians or their policies and processes gain a +1 bonus

Physical Skills

  • Navigating these neighborhoods can be very tricky for “non-natives”. Attempts to find your way without maps suffer a -3 penalty.
  • Stealth rolls during the day gain a +1 bonus, so long as one is using the trees or their shadows. This bonus increases to a +3 at night.
  • Survival checks here gain a +2 bonus thanks to the natural setting the city is in.

Social Skills

  • Socialize rolls made here gain a +2 bonus. The citizens of Framingham are just so darn nice! Of course, this only applies to people that are also nice; corruptive or criminal influences find Social skills in general suffer a -3 penalty.
  • Streetwise rolls here lose the 10-again quality and suffer a -3 penalty, as the local police and Better Way Society are fierce opponents to crime in the city.


Framingham (Sub-District)

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