Government District (District)

Government District

A small but influential district with a history rich in political power.


Nestled between the much larger Downtown and Financial Districts, the Royal Bay Government District is small but wields power disproportionate to its size. Its historicity is a focal point on local tours: cobblestone streets, centuries old statues, and classic architecture are all hallmarks of the area. As a result of it playing workplace to numerous government affiliates and employees, this is also one of the safest areas in the city, being supplied with a steady stream of patrolling officers and brand-new streetlamps.

General Modifiers

Mental Skills

  • Politics, naturally, gains a bonus here, but only slightly so (+1). Showing up makes it easier to work political favors, but potential marks tend to feel stronger on their home turf.

Physical Skills

  • Drive checks here suffer a -2 penalty, both on account of the infrastructure being ill-suited to modern vehicles (narrow lanes and cobblestone paving through many sections, low speed limits) and the high volume of traffic, foot and vehicle.
  • Larceny checks here suffer a -3 penalty due to the many law enforcement officers and suspicious government employees present.
  • Stealth is difficult here due to the lighting and people present, so rolls made to Hide suffer a -3 penalty as well, unless the attempt involves hiding in the crowds or shadowing people, in which case rolls gain a +2 bonus instead.

Social Skills

*Empathy, Expression, and Socialize rolls suffer a -1 penalty on the streets here, as many people here are just trying to get back to their office without distraction. On the contrary, the office is a great place to shoot the breeze, granting a +1 bonus to Socialize rolls instead.

Sites and Sub-Districts

  • City Courts – A complex of local and district courthouses
  • City Hall – The headquarters for the local legislative branch
  • Police HQ – The seat of power for the Royal Bay Metro Police Department

Government District (District)

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