Industrial District (Sub-District)

Industrial District

Faded fields of polluted glory slowly regaining their luster.


While Royal Bay’s first economic boom came as a result of its valued position as a trading port in the Gulf of Mexico, one of its strongest economic growths came as a result of the Industrial Boom in the 1890s. Factories, steelworks, and manufacturing facilities spread out on the western edge of Royal Bay territory, producing numerous ships, cars, storage tanks, steel beams, and more for many years. Productive and profitable until the 1960s, Royal Bay’s industrial boom saw it through post-Civil War depression and in to 70 years of unparalleled growth in the US South.
Today, of course, outsourcing oversees has resulted in many of these companies leaving the city, resulting in a small depression until an influx of chemical manufacturing and research moved into town in the 90s. Plastics, pigments, and gases have replaced the steel constructs of yesteryear, ushering in new levels of sustained growth and employment for the people of Royal Bay.

General Modifiers

Mental Skills

  • If one can get his/her hands on them, the myriad of useful, high-quality equipment and materials in this area grant a +1 bonus to Science rolls and up to a +4 bonus on appropriate Crafts rolls

Physical Skills

  • Despite there being many well-lit areas in this sector, the stink and haze prevalent throughout impose a -1 penalty on sight-based Perception rolls and a -4 on scent based Perception rolls
  • Survival checks made in this area suffer a -5 penalty thanks to the chemical poisons that have seeped into the ground

Social Skills

  • This zone imposes no penalties nor grants any bonuses to any Social rolls


  • The Piquette Plant – an old car chassis plant that serves as a haven for the homeless
  • Potter’s Field – a wide strip of land on the south end where the nameless dead are buried
  • Smith-Novus Labs – a series of labs and testing facilities for the American pharmacological company, Smith-Novus
  • Vulcan Works – a steelworks lit continuously with a hellish red glow

Industrial District (Sub-District)

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