L'Ambroisie (Site)


An upscale, Michelin Star winning French restaurant located in the Nightlife District


Stepping into L’Ambroisie is like stepping into a wormhole, disappearing from the vulgar excitements of the Nightlife District and into a Parisian villa. The stone and brick archway entrance opens into a spacious, opening dining area replete with light paints, exquisite hardwood floors, and chandeliers each worth several salaries of the average Royal Bay worker. Expect to exercise your French when dealing with the waiters and menus, lest you wish to find your service suffering. Similarly, do not expect to walk out without having spent several hundred dollars, excluding wine and tip.


L’Ambroisie opened its doors a couple of years ago in 2000 and has dominated the fine dining market ever since. Modeled after a similarly fine restaurant in Paris, L’Ambroisie brings a taste of elite French dining to Alabama.

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L'Ambroisie (Site)

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