Macellaio Manor (Site)

Macellaio Manor

The imposing State-side home of the blue-blooded Macellaio family


Located in scenic Nobility Hill, the Macellaio Manor is a two story mansion made out of white wood, grey stone, and a grey slate roof. A brick path lined with trees leads one from the gated walls surrounding the property to the column-faced veranda.

This mansion home has three stories:


The Manor was built when the Macellaio’s first opened shop stateside, a little over one hundred and fifty years ago. Since then it has been the private residence of successive generations of the branch of the family that presides over the American affairs of the old-money brood.

Associated People

Elena Macellaio – ‘Elder’ twin and State-side Macellaio matriarch
Luciano Macellaio – ‘Younger’ twin and noted socialite

Case Notes

The group obtained an invite to an exclusive party held at the Manor; they’ve decided to infiltrate to investigate further into rumors of vampiric association.

Macellaio Manor (Site)

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