Main Street Mall (Sub-District)

Main Street Mall

South Alabama’s largest shopping experience


Attempts to explain the Mall’s size using words just cannot get the sense of its mass across. Sure, figures like 2.4 million square feet and three stories tall do a lot of work, but until one stands before or inside it, human imagination tends to paint it a little small. Small is definitely not fitting—with over one hundred shops, three parking decks, several more parking lots, multiple satellite stores, and an upscale hotel all on site, Main Street Mall is a true monument to America’s love of shopping.

General Modifiers

Main Street Mall shares several general characteristics with Raleigh that have been reproduced below for easy perusal; these do not stack with those listed on the Raleigh page

Mental Skills

  • Computer users gain a +1 to their skill checks made here, thanks to the omnipresent public Wi-Fi available. It may be slow, but at least it’s there!

Physical Skills

  • The Mall does not offer a bonus to Perception rolls; though well-lit and generally open, there are huge numbers of people here constantly, and walkways, halls, and open air portions of the mall are often covered with signs or other advertisements, blocking line of sight.
  • The Mall is well-lit and well-traveled; Stealth checks made here suffer a -2 penalty, with the exception of checks made to shadow others or hide in crowds (which gain a +2 bonus instead)
  • Survival checks made here suffer a -2 penalty, thanks to a driven cleaning initiative and dumpster locks.

Social Skills

  • Streetwise checks made here suffer a -2 penalty, thanks to the constant presence of cops and other law enforcement measures.


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Main Street Mall (Sub-District)

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