Nightlife Area (Sub-District)

Downtown Nightlife Area

A nocturnal section of the city famous for its many varied (and scandalous) entertainment venues.


During the day, this area of the city is pretty much dead. Sure, there’s a bum here, a bike courier there. Trucks make deliveries, but mostly it’s blowing trash and a few cars.

At night, however, the monster stirs. Shaking off the dust and throwing on a mantle of neon lights, loud music, and the steady stench of smoke, alcohol, and sex, the Nightlife Circuit comes to life. The restaurants open first, including the Michelin award-winning L’Ambroisie. Then come the bars, the clubs, the strip joints… by midnight, Montvoisin Street and its surrounding area is a pulsing hub of debauchery and party.

General Modifiers

Mental Skills

  • All Mental skills suffer a -1 to -3 penalty here thanks to the constant distraction and sensory overload. For instance, inside a club might impose the full penalty, while the alleys outside would only impose a -1.

Physical Skills

  • Thanks to all of the people everywhere, Stealth checks suffer a constant -2 penalty, with the exception of attempts to Shadow someone, which instead gains a +2 bonus.

Social Skills

  • Thanks to the flowing booze, Socialize checks get a +1 to +3 bonus here (with the bonus increasing up to +3 as the night goes on)
  • Adding on to that, Seduction rolls get an additional +1 to +3 bonus, following the same guidelines as above.
  • The Fame and Striking Looks merits are both amplified here, doubling their normal benefit AND penalty.


  • 9th Circle – A hell-themed metal bar
  • L’Ambroisie – An extravagantly upscale French restaurant
  • Oremos – An all-night Mexican restaurant with Catholic decor
  • The Shipyard – Not technically within the downtown Nightlife Circuit, but a popular music venue in the docks
  • Tokyo Joe’s – A popular if a little generic nightclub
  • The Valentine – A historical jazz lounge with a bloody history

Nightlife Area (Sub-District)

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