Nobility Hill (Sub-District)

Nobility Hill

An old-money, gated community with an immensely storied past.


Nobility Hill is one place in Royal Bay that truly lives up to its name and hype. Built on a hill within the city, its one of the greenest parts in the whole city. Overseen by the Beautification Conservancy, the entire neighborhood is expertly landscaped, and each home is meticulously kept up to par. Historic homes from all periods in Royal Bay’s history dot the area, but don’t let their architecture fool you—enough money can be and has been thrown around to update, modernize, and fully equip every interior.

Although much of Nobility Hill is within a gated off section from the city, the community has funded and maintains an impressive park within city limits. Castaneda Greens, as it is known, is a true urban oasis: tree-lined pathways, elaborate fountains, man-made ponds and waterways, and plentiful attractions—including the Royal Bay Aquarium.

General Modifiers

Mental Skills

  • No changes

Physical Skills

  • Stealth checks during the day suffer a -2 penalty, as much of the neighborhood is open to sunlight.

Social Skills

  • Streetwise checks are nigh impossible here, suffering a -5 penalty and losing the 10-again quality.


Nobility Hill (Sub-District)

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