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Royal Bay Metro Police Department

The RBMPD is a local organization of law enforcement officers that operate in the greater Royal Bay metropolitan area.


The RBMPD operates from a headquarters located inside the Government District. The short but wide building is an early-1920s reconstruction of the original US design from the 1800s. The building has undergone several renovations since then, keeping the original painted wood and stone shell but modernizing the interior and expanding on the original blueprints. Several auxiliary offices exist in the Downtown District and out in the suburbs, however these use a more contemporary architectural design incorporating large windows and plain brown stone.


The RBMPD is one of the earliest integrated police forces in the South, having employed officers of color since the 1950s. This early attempt at integration—even on such a relatively small level—mollified some of the hotter tempers in the civil rights movement in the 60s. While certainly there were a great many tensions on this front, to say the least, the presence of black officers in the ranks surely helped prevent violence that would have otherwise occurred.

Associated People

Nick Derzis – Sitting police commissioner since 1988

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Police Department (Site)

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