Raleigh (Sub-District)


A booming little suburb best known for its large shopping mall


Raleigh has been described by some as a little sterile feeling, a little fake. Certainly the little city was a planned development; the roads make sense, sidewalks and bike lanes are a plenty, and everything just has a ‘new’ feeling to it. If the citizens here feel any shame at the aforementioned criticisms, they don’t show it. Certainly they enjoy fine schools and well-kept public properties and utilities, thanks to the revenue their shopping mall brings in. And if anything in Raleigh deserves description, it’s the Main Street Mall. Standing out amongst the two lane roads and cookie-cutter houses, the Mall is a sprawling beast, three stories tall and curled around 2.5 million square feet, including hotel, satellite facilities, and parking lots.

General Modifiers

Mental Skills

  • Computer users gain a +1 to their skill checks made here, thanks to the omnipresent public Wi-Fi available. It may be slow, but at least it’s there!

Physical Skills

  • Perception checks made here enjoy a +2 bonus from the omnipresent and functional street lamps.
  • Similarly, Stealth checks suffer a -2 penalty for the same reason. The exception is at Main Street Mall, where shadowing people or hiding in crowds gains a +2 bonus instead.
  • Survival checks made here suffer a -2 penalty, thanks to a driven cleaning initiative and dumpster locks.

Social Skills

  • Streetwise checks made here suffer a -2 penalty, thanks to the constant presence of cops and other law enforcement measures.


Main Street Mall – South Alabama’s largest shopping experience

Raleigh (Sub-District)

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