Royal Bay University Medical Center (Site)

Royal Bay University Medical Center

A prestigious hospital and mental health facility


Like much of the medical and mental health school, the University Medical Center is a shining example of contemporary architecture. Replete with sleek, rounded edges; smooth, light colored materials; and extensive use of windows and skylights, RBUMC is the largest building on campus. Contributing to its size are the research wings, emergency treatment, surgery, general practice, and mental health sections. While not ready to usurp UAB at present, the faculty and research strides made here place the Royal Bay hospital as a serious contender for Most Prestigious Hospital in the South.


The hospital and the majority of its wings were built in the early nineties, but the research division has been expanded since then in the late nineties. Further revisions are coming soon, but with there being scant room to expand directly from the building, hospital faculty are discussing satellite buildings or repurposing existing space.

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Royal Bay University Medical Center (Site)

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