Royal Bay University Medical School (Site)

Royal Bay University School of Medicine and Mental Health

The pride of RBU and among the fastest growing medical and mental health programs in the South


Truly the most recent of additions to the University, and boy does it show. The buildings and facilities here are a bright white with gleaming windows and outfitted with the most modern technologies and knowledge. Outside the grounds are well-kept and a vibrant green, and, unlike the main campus, adequately illuminated at night. Here students wear scrubs more often than jeans.


Built in the early-90s, the facilities here haven’t been left behind like the rest of the campus. Continually kept up-to-date, they are clearly the pride of the administration and the source of a large amount of revenue. Both the medical school and mental health school are among the leaders in their respective fields. Also located in the area is Royal Bay’s premier hospital, the Royal Bay University Medical Center. Among such distinguished company as UAB, RBUMC is one of the foremost hospitals in the South.

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Royal Bay University Medical School (Site)

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