Suburbs (District)


When any city gets too large, certain border segments tend to break off or form new bodies, small clusters of living arrangements that find themselves trapped in orbit around the larger body. Royal Bay has several of these smaller cities/residential areas, and the most important are discussed here.


Royal Bay has three major suburban areas around it, each with its own distinctive personality and flavor.


A community of former farmers and plantation owners, Bolingbroke today is a sprawling, semi-rural city that loses the race in terms of population but wins the contest when it comes to scenery and property values.


A historic settlement revamped into a planned suburban city, Framingham sits nestled amongst the wooded lakes and rivers of South Alabama.


The youngest of Royal Bay’s suburbs, Raleigh’s claim to fame is the massive shopping mall housed within its borders, known by some as the Galleria of South Alabama.

General Modifiers

Please refer to the individual suburbs’ pages for their specific skill modifiers.

Sites and Sub-Districts

  • Bolingbroke – a semi-rural suburb with big yards and bigger houses
  • Framingham – a historic suburban city nestled amongst the trees and rivers
  • Raleigh – a young city with South Alabama’s largest shopping mall

Suburbs (District)

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