Subway (Sub-District)

Royal Bay Subway System

A sprawling system of tunnels and trains that can take citizens from one edge of the town to another.


One of the details that sets Royal Bay apart from the rest of the South, the RBSS (Royal Bay Subway System) is a point of pride among the city planners. With dozens of stops in the metropolitan area, the tunnels will get you where you need to go—usually fast and sometimes on time. They’re not the shining jewel they were when first built, and indeed upkeep funds have been tapped more than once in the recent years. Surprisingly, crime is statistically less prevalent than anecdotal evidence suggests, but the common wisdom that the subway is exceptionally dangerous to the unaware prevails.

General Modifiers

Mental Skills

  • The city provides a free albeit slow Wi-Fi network in the subways, granting Computer checks a +1 bonus. Unfortunately, the underground tunnels kills any cell signal.

Physical Skills

  • As one might expect, Stealth gains a hefty bonus in the dark tunnels (+4) but suffers an equally hefty penalty on the mostly well-lit trains (-4).

Social Skills

  • Intimidate checks gain a +1 bonus thanks to the cramped quarters, unpleasant lighting, and the unshakable expectation that one is going to be mugged.
  • Socialize rolls are penalized with a -2 penalty. Nobody seems too keen on chatting with strangers on the subway.
  • Streetwise rolls, naturally, get a +1 bonus here. It’s easy to overhear all sorts of talk, as well as spot people of all stripes or illicit professions.


The subway system is one of the younger members of the city, turning 20 years old in the latter part of 2003. The tunnels spread out across the main parts of the city, only extending out to a couple of stops in the Industrial District and one stop outside the mall in Raleigh. At this time, no stops go into Bolingbroke or Framingham, although buses do.

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Subway (Sub-District)

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