The University District (District)

Royal Bay University

RBU is the leading educational platform in the city, stretching out comfortably over five city blocks. While their advertisement and recruiting efforts say otherwise, in truth the University has seen better days.


Covering thirty-four acres across five city blocks, Royal Bay University is the jewel of southern Alabama’s education system. Granted, not every part is as modern or successful as the marketing department likes to boast, but things are rarely so rosy in reality. RBU teaches some twenty-thousand students and offers a wide variety of class and housing options. Of most renown is their medical program, a steadily growing rival to UAB further north, as well as defining their own area of expertise: mental health.

General Modifiers

Mental Skills

  • In a sort of grim irony, Academics checks here take a -2 penalty; the information and resources available on campus physically are outdated, hard to place, or otherwise difficult to parse.
  • Computer skill checks gain a +2 bonus, however, benefiting from the modernized electronics throughout campus.

Physical Skills

  • Larceny checks made against standard campus security (not guards but rather locks, cameras, etc) gain the 9-again quality, as many parts of campus are poorly secured.
  • Stealth checks in many places gain a +1 bonus when hiding, thanks to the poor, inconsistent lighting in parking lots and alleys.

Social Skills

  • There are no bonuses or maluses applied in the University District

Sites and Sub-Districts

  • Library – a huge, four story French Colonial building with three, more modern wings
  • Main Campus – the central part of the University, with numerous class buildings and housing options
  • Medical School – one of the fastest growing and most prestigious parts of the university

The University District (District)

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